Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are these the real film awards?
A. Our lawyer Tim Riley from Dominion Law says yes they are the real film awards for New Zealand.


Q. Is my film eligible?
A. Any New Zealand, or New Zealand co-production, that has had at least one paid public screening  between September 30th 2012 and October 6th 2013 is welcome. This can include everything from a self-organised screening at your local hall, to a well-publicised general release. See entries section for terms and conditions.

Q. Is my TV Feature Film eligible for NZOnAir Best Television Feature or Series?
A. Yes if it had its first screening where the public were able to view the film or series on Television in New Zealand between 16 July 2012 and October 6th 2013.

Q. Why is there a TV Award?
A. For whatever reason there are no Television Awards this year. We think creating this special one-off award is the right thing to do to recognise talent who work in both disciplines.

Q.  Does a festival screening count as a public showing?
A. Of course. Festival goers are real people too.

Q. What if it was made overseas? 
A. Like The Orator you mean?  That’s AOK. 

Q. What are the min and maximum durations allowed?
A. Features > 70 minutes.  Shorts <= 20 minutes.

Q. What does self-funded mean?
A. Your film’s budget didn’t come from a funding agency such as the NZFC. Basically if your short received public funding then it is not self-funded. If it came from a rich dude or Instant Finance you’re good to go.

Q. My film got some post funding from the NZFC is this still self-funded cos I maxed out all my cards making this bloody film.
A. Yes we think of that as a self-funded production.

Q. What about my 48HOURS film entry?
A. It must have been selected as a City Finalist or Grand Finalist for 2013.

Q. What is the Best Technical Contribution to a Short Film Award all about?

A. We don't have as many Short Film Awards as Features, so this award is there to allow more disciplines a shot at Short Film big time. It could be Makeup Design against Visual Effects against Best Clapper Loading.


Q. How much is entry?
A. The entry fee for submissions is $50 plus GST.

Q. Is entry price per entry or per production?
A. Per entry, per category.

Q. What does Screen Credit mean?
A. The nominee's character name or production position as it appears on screen. For example:  "Frodo Baggins" or "Director of Photography".

Q. How do I submit more than one Nominee for the same Category?
A.  You will need to complete the form again with only the additional nominee filled in and the required info at the start of the form.

Q. How do you know who was my best actress nominee?
A. You will be completing a form online with each nominee's details. Also for certain categories you'll need to provide a Timecode location in the film  indicating the perfomance or creativity of the nominee. Make sure you enter the Character name in 'Screen Credit' as it appears in the film.

Q. When do entries open?
A. Wednesday 2nd October until 5pm, Oct 18th

Q. How to I submit an entry?
A. You do it all online.  But first, have all your required information ready to enter. This means All of the details for each category you wish to enter. Some categories require you to submit Timecode locations in the film to highlight a performer's nomination. Entries must be made only by persons authorised to submit on behalf of the copyright holder of the production. 

Q. I'm having trouble with the entry form online, is there a problem?
A. There appears to be a bug in Firefox and IE browsers that doesn't let you proceed after completing the required fields. Please try using another Browser  or computer. 


Q.  How do I get my film to you?  Is it safe?
A. We will accept screeners as submissions. These should be in file or digital movie format either online or as physical media. The Judging panel of industry leaders are the only ones who will view the entries. If you decide to submit watermarked entries, we recommend intermittent watermarks so they do not appear in clips used for finalist packages - should you be a finalist. 


Q. Who are the judges?
A. An international selection of Industry leaders will again be judging the Awards.

Q. How does the judging work?
A. There is a pre-selection if the number of entries is substantial. Then a short list is given to the judges to choose their nominees and then winners. There are specific judges for certain categories.

Q. When do we find out who the finalists are?
A. Finalist Nominees will be announced on Thursday November 7th

Q. How many finalists are in each category?
A. Depends on the category, how many entered and how good the standard was, but probably between 3–5 finalists.

Q. I have another question, who can I ask?
A. Direct your question to the address on the Contact Page.