Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards nominees 2013

Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards nominees 2013


Rialto Channel Best Film

The Weight of Elephants - Katja Adomeit and Leanne Saunders 

Shopping - Anna McLeish and Sarah Shaw

Mt Zion - Quinton Hita

Mr. Pip - Andrew Adamson, Robin Scholes

Fantail - Sarah Cook, Matt Noonan


Flying Fish Best Director

The Weight of Elephants - Daniel Borgman

Shopping - Louis Sutherland and Mark Albiston

Mt Zion - Tearepa Kahi

Mr. Pip - Andrew Adamson

Fantail - Curtis Vowell

Villa Maria Best Actor

The Weight of Elephants - Demos Murphy

Shopping - Kevin Paulo

Mt Zion - Stan Walker

Mr. Pip - Hugh Laurie

Fantail - Jahalis Ngamotu

Villa Maria Best Actress

White Lies - Whirimako Black

The Weight of Elephants- Angelina Cottrell

Mt Zion - Miriama Smith

Mr. Pip - Xzannjah

Fantail - Sophie Henderson

Mili Pictures Best Supporting Actor

The Weight of Elephants - Matthew Sunderland

Shopping - Julian Dennison

Mt Zion - Temuera Morrison

Mr. Pip - Eka Darvile

Fantail - Stephen Lovatt

Mili Pictures Best Supporting Actress

White Lies - Antonia Prebble

The Weight Of Elephants - Catherine Wilkin

Shopping - Laura Petersen

Mr. Pip - Healesville Joel

Eternity - Amy Usherwood

Apex Insurance Best Screenplay

White Lies - Dana Rotberg

The Weight Of Elephants - Daniel Borgman

Shopping - Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland

Mr. Pip - Andrew Adamson

Fantail - Sophie Henderson

Nikon Best Self-Funded Film

Crackheads - Tim Tsiklauri and Andy Sophocleous

Eternity - Alex Galvin, Noel Galvin, Eric Stark

Ghost TV - Phil Davison

The Deadly Ponies Gang - Zoe McIntosh

The Death and Resurrection Show - Shaun Pettigrew

Niche Cameras Best Cinematography

Shopping - Ginny Loane

The Weight of Elephants - Sophia Olsson

Mr. Pip - John Toon

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song - Tim Flower

White Lies - Alun Bollinger

Mandy Best Editor

Mr. Pip - Sim Evan-Jones

Mt Zion - Paul Maxwell

Shopping - Annie Collins

The Weight of Elephants - Molly Marlene Stensgaard

White Lies - Paul Sutorius

APRA Best Score

Fantail - Mahuia Bridgman Cooper

Mr. Pip - Harry Gregson-Williams, Tim Finn

Mt Zion - Shane McLean

Shopping - Grayson Gilmour

White Lies - John Psathas

APRA Best Sound

Fantail - Dick Reade

Fresh Meat - Mike Hopkins, John McKay, Michael Hedges, Tim Chaproniere and Tony Spear

Mt Zion - Dick Reade

Shopping - Michael Hopkins, Ken Saville, John Mckay,Tim Chaproniere, Pete Smith

White Lies - Steve Finnigan, James Hayday, Chris Sinclair and Adam Martin

Rodney Wayne Best Costume Design

Mr. Pip - Ngila Dickson

Mt Zion - Gavin McLean

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song - Morgan Albrecht

Shopping - Lucy McLay

White Lies - Tracey Collins

M.A.C Best Makeup Design

Crackheads - Celeste Strewe

Fresh Meat - Hil Cook, Ange Duncan, Lea Hoare and Natalie Henderson

Giselle - Amber D

White Lies - Abby Collins, Yolanda Bartram, Vee Gulliver, Andrew Beattie and Main Reactor

Regional Film Offices NZ Best Production Design

Mr. Pip - Grant Major

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song - Haley Williams

Shopping - Josh O'Neill

The Weight of Elephants - Kirsty Cameron

White Lies - Tracey Collins

Letterboxd Best Poster Design

Eternity - Tony St George and Mission Hall

Mr. Pip - Connor Kenyon Design

Shopping - Geoff Francis

The Weight of Elephants - Asmund Sollihogda

White Lies - Damon Keen, Todd Eyre and Matt Klitscher


AUT Best Short Film

Friday Tigers - Julia Parnell

Here Be Monsters - dir. Paul Glubb and Nic Gorman; prod. Nadia Maxwell

Morepork - Fat Boy Films

Tom's Dairy - Oscar Kightley

Wide Eyed - Catherine Bisley

Event Cinemas Best Self-Funded Short Film

Holding The Sun - Dwayne Cameron

Le Taxidermiste - Nick Mayow & Prisca Bouchet

Morepork - Fat Boy Films

Shelved - James Cunningham, Oliver Hilbert and Leon Woud

The Sleeping Plot - Ruth Korver

Allpress Best Short Film Actor

Blankets - Leon Wadham

Friday Tigers - Simon Wolfgram

Morepork - John Sumner

Strongman - Tony Green

Tom's Dairy - Mac Kaisuva

Allpress Best Short Film Actress

Blind Mice - Rachel Nicholls

Friday Tigers - Aidee Walker

I'm Going to Mum's - Narelle Ahrens

Morepork - Kayte Ferguson

The Sleeping Plot - Nova Waretini-Hewison

PLS Best Cinematography in a Short Film

Echoes - Andrew Stroud

Friday Tigers - Roko Babich

Morepork - Callan Green

Tom's Dairy - Grant McKinnon

Wide Eyed - Ryan Alexander Lloyd

NZ Herald Online Best Short Film Screenplay

Echoes - Campbell Hooper & Joel Kefali

Friday Tigers - Aidee Walker

I'm Going to Mum's - Lauren Jackson

Tom's Dairy - Oscar Kightley

Wide Eyed - Catherine Bisley

Media Design School Best Technical Contribution to a Short Film

Strongman - Editing, Peter Roberts

The Last Stop - Makeup and hair, Brighde Riddell

Holding The Sun - Production design, Dwayne Cameron

Blankets - Visual effects, Frank Rueter, David Duke and Bodo Keller

Maul - Visual effects, Anton Ognyev


Telecom Business Hubs Best Documentary

Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Anthony Powell

Beyond The Edge - Matthew Metcalfe

Finding Mercy - Robyn Paterson, Leanne Pooley

Gardening with Soul - Vicky Pope and Jess Feast

He Toki Huna: NZ in Afghanistan - Annie Goldson and Kay Ellmers

Canon Best Documentary Director

Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Anthony Powell

Beyond The Edge - Leanne Pooley

Finding Mercy - Robyn Paterson

Gardening with Soul - Jess Feast

He Toki Huna: NZ in Afghanistan - Annie Goldson and Kay Ellmers

PLS Best Documentary Cinematography

Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Anthony Powell

Beyond The Edge - Richard Bluck

Finding Mercy - Jacob Bryant, Marty Williams

Gardening with Soul - Ari Wegner, Gareth Moon and Hamish Waterhouse

He Toki Huna: NZ in Afghanistan - Jake Bryant

Lotech Best Documentary Editor

Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Simon Price

Beyond The Edge - Tim Woodhouse

Finding Mercy - Tim Woodhouse

Gardening with Soul - Annie Collins

He Toki Huna: NZ in Afghanistan - Annie Goldson and James Brown


NZ On Air Best Television Feature or Drama Series


The Almighty Johnsons Series 3

The Blue Rose

Top of the Lake